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Miami • Roatán • Costa Maya • Beach Club at Bimini

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VitaminSea Cruise


Trip Date: 12-18 November 2023

Trip Length: 6 nights

Activity Level: Low

Arrival airport: Port Miami

Departure airport: Port Miami

By the time November rolls around, your body will be aching for some relaxation and rejuvenation.

I needed to rewrite this paragraph please use this version. I will highlight the location in the loom video: November is literally around the corner, and your body will be craving some relaxation and rejuvenation. We all need a break sometimes, away from the day-to-day happenings to just indulge and live the life we truly are meant to live.


Introducing VitaminSea Cruise! What would you do on the first day of sailing? Enjoy a drink on the seaside deck, or indulge in some bad karaoke singing with some amazing strangers. Roatan is calling (yes we will be on this beautiful island). Hang out on an amazing white sand beach, or ATV or Zipline. You pick! Then on to Costa Maya, Mexico - Learn to make the best Guacamole ever! Otherwise, you can have a spa day, do some yoga classes, or meet me for tea or brunch at SIP restaurant. I’m all for it! All of these are options and more are available to you on this cruise.


These memories are everlasting as you meet new friends and enjoy these amazing new destinations. Don’t let this chance slip away. Try something new, your future self will thank you.

Travel, your money will return, your time won't.


Your trip in a nutshell


What you will do

As much as this is a cruise we will be visiting some exotic places and having a chance to experience different activities. There will be a chance to dance the night away, indulge in some amazing food, interact with locals in the places we will visit and best yet you can document it all. This is definitely Instagram-worthy, think of all the fun you will have with your new crew and old crew (bring them along)!


Where will you go

We will visit Roatan Honduras known for its friendly people, laid-back atmosphere, crystal-clear waters, and abundant coral reefs. Then to Costa Maya located in the Yucatan peninsular is known for its exotic wildlife, beaches, and natural wonders like cenotes. With a mix of culture, history, and adventure Costa Maya is a must-see. We will then make our way to Bimini at Virgin Voyages’ private beach club where we will enjoy the lively atmosphere with a DJ, dancers, pool servers, and amazing food. Whether you enjoy the beach or the pool bimini has something for you!


Where will you stay

We will enjoy the Virgin Voyages cruise ship or oversized mega-yacht. Tastefully designed cabins that offer the best comfort for everyone. The ship has everything you will ever need on land. Even a tattoo parlor if you need it. So we will see you on board!

Who should Join

This is for you if

You are open to trying something new

You need a break to rejuvenate

You want to have fun

You need to feel alive again

You love good food

This trip is not for you if

You do not like socializing and meeting people

You are a Debbie Downer and attract negativity and drama

You are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things

You do not respect local cultures



All the planning is done for you.

Travelous Caribbean's group travel is —


The Real Deal

Our trips include cultural experiences, unique adventures, and local cuisines curated to give an insider's view into exciting destinations.

Life-changing experiences.


Life-changing experiences.

We cap our groups at 14 people so you can count on individual, outstanding service while making travel friends for life.

A travel tribe you'll love.



Travel isn't just for the ultra-wealthy! Group rates are affordable, so you can break from the grind to get inspired and rejuvenated.

No more waiting for "someday."

We will open up this trip to 10 rooms until Mar 29, 2023.


Here's what's included!

No hidden fees

Adults only

Amazing food 20+ restaurants (curated by Michelin-starred chefs)

Essential drinks are included (unlike large ocean ships)

$300 bar credit per cabin

Tastefully designed rooms & suites

Group fitness (yoga, spin, palates free)

Broadway class entertainment

Free wifi

Tips included

Here's What’s not included

Travel insurance

Flights to Miami to meet the cruise

Transfers to the port

Other beverages not included and beyond bar tab credit


Any travel visas needed

Dive in! Picture yourself on this fantastic adults-only escape.

Have a quick question about the Virgin Voyages Cruise Trip?

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