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Bogota to Cartagena


Date: May 26 - June 1, 2021


The TravelNas Experience comes highly recommended and ensures that your memories will last a  lifetime.

We will explore Colombia’s most popular cities. We will enjoy night life as well as highlights of these areas. This is a very fast pace trip!

The cosmopolitan city of Bogota is rich with history, particularly around La Candelaria, Plaza de Bolivar and the Cathedral of Salt. You’ll also visit the world’s best gold museum, and zip to bird's eye views at Monserrate, the pilgrimage point overlooking the city.

Finally, Colombia’s most popular ‘tourist’ city Cartagena was one of the first sanctuaries for freed African slaves in the Americas. That heritage gives the city a distinctly different feel from its neighbours. Pay your respects at the monastery of La Popa, or visit the impressive San Felipe de Barajas Fortress.

The carefully detailed itinerary which includes custom private tours, local experiences and other experiences that you would not get on your own.

Support from our team via email or phone before, during and after the trip.

​Stress free, hassle free. Just show up.





























  • Visit Colombia's most famous cities - Bogota and Cartagena

  • Daily breakfast 

  • 3 lunches

  • 2 dinners

  • Flights

  • City Tours

  • Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá Tour

  • Cartagena walled city & new city tour

  • The magnificent San Pedro Claver Church

  • Goodie bag

                                               Total value of approximately $2,840!

                                             TravelNas special $2,200

I am your personal Travel Consultant.

I have been helping amazing individuals like yourselves experience some of the most cultured and exotic experiences through travel and I would like to help you experience the same especially at the end of such a challenging and stressful year. 

You don't have to forgo having a fabulous vacation due to confusion and lack of proper information. I am here to guide the process and here is what we are doing about safety:

  • ​Provide updates from destination and CDC prior to travel.

  • Outline entry protocols and requirements for destination. 

  • I will personally visit the hotel to ensure that health & safety is a priority prior to the trip.

  • Provide a detailed guide for traveling safely.

  • Ensure all ground transportation is safe and sanitized.

  • Available to answer any question or concern.











TravelNas Effect


We have curated many itineraries in a wide array of destinations. We work with only the best suppliers and have first hand experience in all of our destinations.


We are very detail oriented and provide exactly what we say we will be providing. We provide quality service, support and experiences before, during and after your trip.


We are available via email to assist in any way we can - pre and post trip. During the trip we will be right here with you 24 hours to handle any situation that may arise.

Friends For Life

It is not uncommon that some of our travelers find lifelong travel buddies. They have continued on trips together. Our travelers are usually easy going and drama free, just here to immerse in the experiences while enjoying new cultures. We provide the best for the best! Some of our travelers return form a trip and book their next trip with us upon their return.


We work hard to build reputable connections in all of our destinations so your experiences are flawless. We will ensure that everything is handled the way that it should and we can pull a few strings when the need arises.


Each of our travelers are very important to us. We take our curated experience very seriously and understand what you are looking for as a traveller. We have been traveling for years and have experienced casual vacations which is not the same as curated experiences. We will ensure every aspect of your trip is hassle free and be available when needed.











Who said you had to be a Millionaire to travel like one?

The experience of travel is thought to many to be a very expensive habit. However studies show that detaching from the everyday hustle and bustle does provide long term health benefits. Taking time out allows us to be inspired and rejuvenated. We are able to take time for ourselves.

Some people save an entire lifetime to enjoy these experiences, however by retirement age their health is not at its best to take advantage of a vacation. Do what you can while you can, your money will return but the time won't.

If you feel like you are always on the go, let us take care of you. We will ensure that we provide healthy meal options with fresh fruit daily. There will be walking tours which will be part of your exercises. You will return home relaxed, refreshed and with a new focus hopefully ready to book your next trip.



​Payment plans available (5 payments of $360 totaling $1,800 after deposit) 

**Deposit of $400 due immediately                   


  • Jan 15, 21                                     

  • Feb 15, 21   

  • Mar 15, 21  

  • Apr 15, 21      

  • Apr 30, 21



  • ​Round trip airport transfers

  • Flights

  • Accomodations

  • 6 Breakfasts

  • 3 Lunches

  • 2 Dinners

  • City Tours

  • Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá Tour

  • Colombia’s Gold Museum tour

  • Cartagena walled city & new city tour

  • The magnificent San Pedro Claver Church

  • Goodie bag

  • Monuments and historical sites entrance fees

  • All taxes

  • Accommodation is in a shared room with one other person



  • ​​Optional tours

  • ​Insurance

  • Other food and beverage not listed

  • Other items not listed above





Everything is organized so you can relax. Once you arrive at the airport you will be transported to the hotel with a few other team members and greeted by someone from our team.This means no stress looking for a transfer and struggling with bags. Then, get glammed up for our welcome cocktail party!

We will provide detailed instructions prior to the trip and upon arrival to ensure that you have all the information necessary. This means no worrying about confirmations or if the hotel has your reservation etc. We've got you!

You will receive the very best in service from our full team. That is hotel workers, vendors and of course our staff. We are simply here to serve and ensure this is a trip of a lifetime.

Our support system is second to none. We will be available via email from the time you reserve your space until the time you get to our destination. Then we will be available 24 hours onsite to assist. Prior to the trip we will create a Whatsapp group chat where you will get to meet everyone on the trip. We will have discussions and you can even choose your room partner then. This means that you get to relax as everything is taken care of for you!



​We are opening up this trip to only 10 people.

​We always have our travelers best interest at heart on any 

one of our trips. We keep or groups small and intimate in 

order to guarantee the best possible experience, enjoyment 

and comfort for each of you! 


Tourists tend to venture via guidebooks and do the casual 

vacationing. Travelers experience destinations fully by 

indulging in the cultures of a destination.

If you are new to group travel you will enjoy our curated 

experiences. Our travelers are fun and are here for the 

experiences. You will always have our attention and will 

always be able to find a team member to assist in any way.

Perks of traveling with our group:

  • No Solo travel which can be depressing

  • No waiting on friends to make up their minds

  • Our group is alway vibrant and amazing

  • Support from group throughout the trip

  • Lifelong travel buddies are formed

  • Stress/hassle free travel arrangements

  • You get to visit Costa Rica and merge with nature


BUT WAIT......

​If you have never been to Mexico, do not worry! We can assure you that you will be awed. You will have the safety of traveling in a group. You will have like minded people at your side cheering you on and make some amazing friends. Most of all our team who are experts in the region will be right here to support you in any way.



​It is for you if:

  • you are fun to be around and enjoy meeting new people

  • you like having insider knowledge and meaningful experiences

  • you are open minded and like trying new things and enjoying different cuisines

  • you are okay with some strenuous exercise

This is not for you if:

  • you are a Debbie Downer and attract negativity and drama

  • you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things

  • you do not respect local cultures and do not like moroccan food

  • you cannot walk up stairs or find walking difficult





No it is not, but recommended. However we can help you with that.


We will be staying in 3 different hotels. We provided suggestions but subject to change closer to the trip.


Yes you can have your own room. However there will be a single supplement fee. contact us for more info.


We will work with the chefs at each location to ensure your meals suit you.


Yes you can but please be aware that our trips are limited to 14 people. Once deposit is made a space is guaranteed.


We all have been on a casual vacation. this is different. You will get to travel with experts who know the location and the people. No need to spend hours putting a trip together and spend more time dealing with tour operators or hotels if something goes wrong. No need to behead deep in a map trying to figure out where the next site is located. We ensure that your trip is stress free while traveling with a fun group.


Contact us at we will be happy to assist.


February is my birthday month. When I saw Travelous Caribbean advertise a group trip to Thailand in February, I felt it had been done just for me. And honestly, the entire experience felt that way. Everything about that trip was amazing. The cities chosen, Bangkok, Chaing Mai and Phuket offered the perfect blended to experience Thailand for a first time visitor.

 -Cindy J


Do not hesitate if you have been putting your vacation plans on hold, desperately need a girls trip and always dreamed of visiting Colombia. Right now we are inviting you on this remarkable 6 night trip to Colombia. You will enjoy spending time with like minded travelers, enjoying 3 amazing cities, and having fun.

We pride ourselves on our product and the trips we offer our guests. We have guests who have booked multiple trips and keep returning with friends and family.

We keep the group to 14 so we can provide quality service to everyone while keeping the trip intimate giving you the chance to relax when needed and not feel overwhelmed. You will experience different cities, make connections and form new bonds. All you need to reserve your spot is your first payment.



Click here to read our terms & conditions.

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